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Allison Maslan
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Growth Retreat
Leave with a step-by-step plan to scale your company.
You’re Just One Step Away From Massive Success...
An Exclusive Retreat With Influential Business Owners 
August 15 - 17th, Loews Coronado Bay Resort 
We Will Create Your Roadmap to Scale Your Company
Replicate your growth.
Multiply your impact.
What is SCALE about?
This rare, high-level event is designed to bring together CEOs/Founders of the country’s most dynamic businesses making a minimum of $500K in annual revenue, for a unique opportunity to talk business face-to-face, develop a roadmap to scale your company and come away inspired… with a plan.
There are many events for start-ups or early stages in business, but very few that focus on the challenges and strategies needed when you are ready to scale your company well into the 7 and 8 figures, until now.
Gila Kurtz
CEO of Dog is Good
Robert Cassard
CEO of Voodoo Viral Marketing
juliann Stitick
Personal Brand Expert
Why should you attend?
Have you ever wondered how business owners quickly jump from 1 million to 10 million, 10 Million to 20 million and on up to 100 million from there?

It’s because they understand the formula to scale. It’s not about working harder, it’s about applying the right creative strategies that will speed up your growth, in less time, with less overhead, and less of your bandwidth. We will be giving you these proven strategies, step-by-step.
You will walk away from this "Interactive Working Retreat" on the beach in Coronado, CA with these Solutions and Strategies to Scale your Company:
  •  Your new vision and strategic plan to catapult you amongst the big players.
  •  How to automate your sales pipeline to create a revenue-focused company.
  •  How to attract a team that gives 100% commitment and passion toward your big vision and leads it to success.
  •  How to create a company culture that excites you, your team and attracts top-notch talent on a daily basis.
  •  How to bypass your fears, step-up as a great leader and take your company to the high level it deserves to operate in.
  •  The new systems, processes and strategies that you must put in place to scale quickly.
  •  How to build a team-managed company so that you can walk away for a month at a time and your business is still growing.
You’re Just One Step Away From Massive Success...
Planning For Growth Up To High 6 And 7-Figures Is One Thing. Planning To Scale Beyond 7 And 8 Figures Takes A Completely Different Approach And Strategy Altogether. If You Are Serious About Real Growth, Not The Basics, Then Reserve Your Coveted Seat At SCALE.
Are You Serious About Scaling Your Business Now?
SCALE is deliberately designed to serve CEOs who are ready to make the leap from entrepreneur to enterprise. Attendance is limited exclusively to companies that:
  •  Generate a minimum of $500K in annual revenue.
  •  Have been in business for at least 3 years.
Don't be an entrepreneur who settles. Growth takes persistence and an unwillingness to take no for an answer. Scale or Fail is the secret sauce to help you overcome setbacks and win big.
— Barbara Corcoran,
un-italicize "Scale or Fail"
Take it from me, scaling is not easy. Allison Maslan's book, Scale or Fail, is the support system you need to build your team and move your vision forward so you can focus 100% on the truly crucial elements of growing your business.
— Daymond John,
New York Times
Signs that you are ready for the unique opportunity provided by SCALE include:
  •  You’re trapped in the entrepreneurial twilight zone … where everything that used to work in your business is suddenly falling apart.
  •  You want to multiply your customer base and revenue – without increasing overhead at the same pace.
  •  You’re ready to achieve a much greater level of success and turn your Big Picture Vision into reality.
  •  You recognize that certain members of your team – many of whom have been with you from the beginning – don’t have the skillset, mindset or personality to get your company to the next level.
  •  Your company is growing rapidly, but quality is starting to suffer.
  •  You’re maxed out in what you can handle – something must change if your company is to keep growing.
  •  You’re out of ideas about how to expand your business – and you want to learn from others who have already made the climb.
  •  You want your business to be self-sustaining … so that you can take up to a month off at a time without the company slowing down.
  •  You have a great team, but everyone does things differently. You want to systematize the way business is done, so you can multiply your team and maintain quality.
  •  You need to expand your team and want to make sure you hire the right people the first time.
  •  You want more time to focus on the business – and even to take off – and you need to effectively and efficiently train people to do what you do, the way you do it.
  •  You want to surround yourself with your peers and CEOs who are even more successful than you – businesses owners who understand the unique challenges of scaling … and who are ready to support you as you climb.
darcy thompson
CEO of Wilby Optical
Moniz Executive Coaching
CEO Human Communications, Inc.
Last Year's Speakers
2019 Speakers Announced soon
Allison Maslan
Italicize Scale or Fail, Wall Street Journal, Success, Fortune, Inc, Fast Company, and Forbes
Allison Maslan is the CEO of Pinnacle Global Network, The World Leader in Scaling Businesses. Her new book, Scale or Fail is a Wall Street Journal Best Seller that is endorsed by Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John of Shark Tank. Allison’s built 10 successful companies starting out at age 19. Now, she and her team of CEO Mentors pay it forward helping business owners worldwide scale their company while, at the same time, create a passionate life. Allison’s been featured in Success, Fortune, Inc, Fast Company and Forbes magazines is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur magazine and a featured expert on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN across the US. She also hosts her weekly video podcast, Allie & You: The Business Success and Lifestyle Show. 
Alli Webb
Founder of Dry Bar

In 2009, professional hairstylist Alli Webb founded the blowdry service Straight-at-Home and went house-to-house giving clients at-home blowouts. She founded Drybar later that year, and now they’ve expanded to 100 salons and counting, created a product line and Alli Webb has even written the book on mastering the perfect blowout. Alli will be sharing how she scaled her business from one great idea to a 100 million dollar empire, and how she overcame the challenges most business owners face so that you can be on the path to scale your company, too.
Kristi Herold
Founded Sport & Social Group
In 1996, Kristi Herold founded Sport & Social Group, which is the largest adult sports league in North America. With over 130,000 members, they are scaling fast. When a company grows at this rate, employee challenges can make or break your success. Kristi has not only been victorious at building a strong company culture, she has designed a process that will turn your team into superstars. Kristi will be sharing what she does to keep her 200 plus employees engaged and excited to move her vision forward.
Melissa Woods
Chief Mentor at Pinnacle Global Network.
Melissa Woods is the chief mentor at Pinnacle Global Network. Woods’ career started in the late eighties when she founded JW Tumbles, a children’s gym, which grew into 40 locations in 5 countries worldwide. She went on to sell it for multiple 8 figures. Woods understands what it takes to scale a business smartly and effectively, and is passionate about helping business owners find simple solutions to everyday challenges while avoiding stress and burnout.
Tammy Moore
Pinnacle Global Network
Tammy Moore brings to Pinnacle Global Network a very high level of business intelligence, wisdom and heart. In 1991, Tammy launched her family’s first restaurant, Pat & Oscar’s in Carmel Mountain Ranch with 8 employees and went on to open 18 stores with their team of 1400 employees. She sold a majority of their shares to Sizzler International for $23 million dollars. Over the next 2 years, she and her team built an additional 10 restaurant before exiting the business. Tammy brings her savvy of scaling fast, building rock-star teams and driving high profit margins for business owners. She will be sharing her secrets on scaling and keeping her team of 1400 as excited as they were with only 8.
Michael Bernoff
CEO of Human Communications, Inc.
Michael Bernoff, CEO of Human Communications, Inc. is the best of the best when it comes to building a revenue focused company and removing any sales blocks that you or your company may have. His extraordinary presence on stage with clear-cut tools and strategies for “Persuasion and Influence” will not only keep you on the edge of your seat, but you will walk away with a whole new method for converting sales and overcoming any objection coming your way.
Pete Vargas
Event Manager and Revenue Generator
Want to get your message out to the world? Pete Vargas can help. Since 2003, he and his team have booked over 20,000 events that have generated more than $40 million in revenue—and reached tens of millions of people through the speakers and organizations he serves. Learn Pete’s signature method to not only book powerful talks and rock many stages, but also how to create a great revenue stream following each event.
High-level success comes from building powerful relationships with people that open doors for you. Come and get connected to the top influential entrepreneurs worldwide.
Event Schedule so you can plan your travel:
We recommend you arrive on Wednesday afternoon, August 14th, so you can register early. We begin promptly at 8:30am on Thursday morning, August 15th. The event ends on Saturday, August 17th around 6pm.
Here’s the tentative schedule:
Wednesday, August 14th from 4pm to 7pm

Thursday, August 15th from 7:30am to 8:15am
Retreat Hours:
Thursday, August 15th from 8:30am to 7:30pm (Welcome Reception will immediately follow the general session, around 7:30pm)

Friday, August 16th from 8:30am to 8:30pm

Saturday, August 17th from 8:30am to 6pm
August 15-17, 2019
Loews Coronado Bay Resort, San Diego CA
Join us at the beach.
We’ve made special arrangements with Loews Coronado Bay Resort to ensure you’re going to get a beautiful room, 5 Star service, and an atmosphere designed for your learning experience. But best of all, we’ve made sure you get a FANTASTIC ROOM RATE making it even easier to fit this event into your budget, especially if you’re traveling! This discount can save you hundreds of dollars.

Be sure to book your room right away, because the hotel will fill up fast (it sold out last year!). Staying in the host hotel makes it easier to get to the meeting each day on time and network with your fellow attendees.

To secure your room, click here, or call the hotel directly at 619.424.4000 and reserve your room now. To receive your discounted rate, please request the “SCALE: A High-Level Business Growth Retreat” group block ($245 group rate, plus a daily $6 resort fee that includes in-room coffee, daily newspaper, and access to the hotel’s limited shuttle service, the fitness center and yoga studio, and much more).

Should you wish to extend your stay, rooms are also offered 3 days prior to the event and 3 days after at the group rate (based on availability). We recommend booking your flight to arrive at least the day or evening prior so you can be well rested and ready for the event.
“I was buried in the daily minutia of my company for 7 years. I thought I was hard at work building a $20 million dollar company. Through working with Allison and her team, I see that we are building a $200 million dollar company, plus I am finally getting my life back. In fact, in less than two years we have already gone from $4 million to $12 million. It gives me so much comfort knowing I have the Pinnacle team behind me!”
– Steve Miccio,
CEO, Projects to Empower
“I have been running Nosh Detox for the past 9 years in London, England and in 2016 we launched our first licensee in the US. I am flying to the US to attend SCALE because I know the power of building strategic relationships globally with influencers; and people that can open doors for me. How do I know this? Well, I actually met my first licensee at one of Allison Maslan’s events in 2015. Allison’s high-level event is part of our strategy of reaching that goal!”
– Geeta Sadhu-Robb,
CEO/ Nosh Detox
SCALE is exactly what I have been looking for. I’ve been in business over 20 years and we are in the process of scaling our team worldwide. Allison’s event is the perfect opportunity to help me get my strategic plan in place and meet some key influencers. I have been following Allison’s work for 6 years and her event will ensure that I hire the right team and multiply our revenue in the next 12 months!”
– Kim West,
CEO/The Sleep Lady
“Since working with Allison. I am excited to report that I received more than 10x my investment since attending her event and we had our highest revenue in the 20 year history of the company!”
– David Northcutt,
CEO, Comfort First Products
“This retreat is like no other because you leave with a plan to scale. I have already had over 500% ROI working with Allison Maslan.”
– Tom Nguyen,
CEO, WinCorp Solutions
“My confidence has grown so much since working with Allison and her team that I am running the business like a leader, going after million dollar deals and getting them! Now, our revenue has increased by 667% Am I coming back again this year? You better believe it!””
– Christine Sanchez,
CEO, ANC Cold Storage
This is your rare opportunity to join a select group of Advanced Entrepreneurs of Fast-Growing Companies that are ready to make a bigger impact in the world. Network with icons that are leading the way and catalysts for change across all market sectors.
Risk-Free Happiness Guarantee
Register for SCALE at no risk. It will be the best event you’ve ever attended to catapult your business. As an attendee, if for any reason, by the end of the 1st day, you honestly feel I did not deliver on the information promised, just turn in your materials to my event manager, and ask for a full 100% refund and we will return your investment within 21 days. If you are unable to attend after registration you may have a qualified candidate take your place at the retreat. Call our customer service line at least 30 days prior to the event to transfer your enrollment. If you are unable to attend and do not wish to transfer your ticket to someone else, we will apply your enrollment to a non-refundable credit toward any future Allison Maslan event for up to 24 months from your purchase.
SCALE is exclusively for business owners that have run a successful company for the past three years and are ready to scale. This is not an event for start-ups.
General Admission
(Early Bird Ticket)
$2500 $897
Entry to event
an additional $197
VIP comes with several perks and is highly recommended:
  •  Expedited registration
  •  Early entry into the ballroom to choose your favorite seat
  •  Lunch on Thursday and Friday with surprise guest speakers and extra networking opportunities.
Bring a Friend or Business Colleague for Only $397…
you’ll be able to add a friend once you’ve purchased your ticket.
We know your time is valuable. SCALE is the best investment of your time that you will make for your company and yourself all year long.
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